Water Heater Application

The ArcticShield® Single Bubble Radiant Barrier Water Heater Jacket works by reflecting heat back into the water heater. The jacket can be installed in minutes, and fits both gas and electric units. An ArcticShield® Single Bubble Radiant Barrier Water Heater Jacket has a thermal R-6.5 value and can save up to 20% on hot water heating costs (or about $4.00 per month)!

Reduces Heating Costs

Easy to Install
Easy cut-to-fit
Fits Gas or Electric Units Contains No Fibreglass

Includes Reflective Jacket and necessary Foil Tape
Full Instructions

Material List: (1) ArcticShield Reflective Blanket
(1) Reflective Aluminium Tape for Seams
Tools Required: Felt Tip Marker, Tape Measure or Ruler, Scissors or Utility Knife Important Warnings

The cover must NEVER RESTRICT AIRFLOW into the Burner Area on a gas water heater (located at the bottom of the tank).

Do not cover or restrict top venting hood, pressure relief valve (located on the top or side of tank), or burner access cover.

On electric tanks, do not put material over access cover or the wiring connection box.


Step 1: Wrap water heater starting at the top of tank and cut metalized film to overlap two (2) inches. Face metalized film side of material away from tank.

Continue down tank as stated above.

Step 2: Use remaining pieces to fabricate top circle. Make two semi circles slightly larger than the tank. Cut access holes for water intake, water outlet, draft diverter and any other protruding valves or pipes. NOTE: When two halves of top are placed on the heater, sides should extend about 1/2" beyond the edge of the water heater all the way around.

Step 3: Put top pieces on water heater and tape seams with foil tape.

Step 4: Fit the jacket loosely around the heater. Tape the large piece to top piece. Then tape the vertical seam. NOTE: CUT OPENING IN THE JACKET TO ALLOW EXPOSURE OF THE POP OFF VALVE PIPE.

Step 5: Cut out holes for burner cover, controls, drain, etc. Make hole about two (2) inches larger than access opening to allow plenty of airflow around burner area.

NOTE: When installed properly, the jacket should hang loosely, and slightly extended away from the sides of the water heater.

Optional:You may want to tape jacket to tank around access hold. This will keep edges secure.

Download our installation guide here