Radiant Barrier Foil

Attic Applications

Much of the heat entering your home comes through the roof. Adding Arctic Shield in your attic helps to keep your house cooler in the summer.Arctic Shield is ideal radiant barrier to supplement the insulation already in your attic.

The Arctic Shield brand radiant barriers are all available in perforated, allowing moisture to escape and avoiding mold and mildew issues. Only the perforated Arctic Shield brand radiant barriers are versatile enough for all attic configurations illustrated. If you have any questions about which product would be best suited for your specific application, please feel free to call and speak with a trained sales representative.

Attic applications do not have R-values, but a U-value can be calculated depending on your level of existing insulation.

Arctic Shield attic application with a soffit and ridge vent system. Install Arctic Shield clear to ridge pole.

Insulation Choices

Arctic Shield attic application with a turbine or gable vent. A 3" gap along the ridge pole and at the base of the rafters (soffit) ensures enough air flow between Arctic Shield and the roof deck. This applies to all vent systems other than soffit and ridge.


  • Carefully read over the Helpful Tips before starting.
  • Check the area you are insulating and make any needed repairs before installing Arctic Shield.
  • Unroll the Arctic Shield as you work, and cut it to suitable lengths with scissors or utility knife.
  • Allow for proper ventilation. See note below on ventilation.
  • Staple Arctic Shield to the undersides of exposed rafters or between the rafters, if you have trusses.


Good ventilation in your attic increases your comfort and helps the materials of your house last longer. Be sure not to block ventilation paths when you install Arctic.

Download our installation guide here