Other Proven Applications for Reflective Insulation

Other Proven Applications for Reflective Insulation

For original manufacturing, custom construction, industrial storage, and other applications that require the control of moisture, ventilation and temperature while maintaining a small space, ArcticShield® reflective insulation can provide a cost- efficient solution. Below are just a few examples of our reflective insulation products in action.

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ArcticShield® reflective bubble insulation provides an excellent insulation value for large storage tanks and pumps, whether for hydraulic fracturing (frac tanks), transporting oil and gas, or simply storing waste water. By resisting the transfer of radiant heat through the tanks, energy costs can be greatly reduced.

Vapor, Moisture and Pest Barrier

ArcticShield® reflective bubble insulation utilised as a sill seal for concrete blocks inhibits the transfer of ground vapour to the framing members. It also provides a barrier against insect infestations without the use of harmful chemicals.

Stadiums and Arenas


Indoor ice facilities with high ceilings impede the ability to provide spectator comfort while ensuring a constant “ice temperature.” Photo depicts ArcticShield® reflective foil insulation used in an ice arena in Alberta.

Heat Sink Reduction

ArcticShield® reflective bubble insulation utilised in roof application reduces heat- sink potential. Reflective insulation can be used to reduce the transfer of heat through asphalt shingles or metal roofs. Photo depicts row houses constructed in Singapore with ArcticShield®.

Storage Areas and Freezers

When used in refrigeration, ArcticShield® reflective bubble insulation excels not only in controlling heat, but also in eliminating ultraviolet and infrared rays. These rays may have negative consequence to the integrity of product in storage.


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