Metal Building Retrofit Installation

Roof Installation / Bottom of Purlins

Before installing Arctic Shield, inspect the roof area for clutter—water sprinkler systems, conduit and lights. Sprinkler systems are especially important. All water pipes must be below the insulation to prevent the possibility of freezing in the winter. In many instances, the Arctic Shield must be installed up near the roof deck.

1. Install 1" x 2" furring strips on the bottom of and perpendicular to the Z purlins on 22" centres. Use 1-1/4" self-taping sheet metal screws to secure the furring strips to the Z purlins.

2. Butt furring strips together and tape. Staple tape for reinforcement. 3. Use 72" wide Arctic Shield Insulation and staple with sides bent down.

  1. Use 72" wide Arctic Shield Insulation and staple with sides bent down.

  2. There is no need to cut the Arctic Shield insulation to an exact size before installing, since the insulation is below the Z purlins.

  3. Use a pure silicone caulk to run a bead of caulk down the edges; press together. This will create a proper seal.*


*Make sure that the silicone caulk is applied in a continuous bead with no breaks. Gaps will cause air infiltration which may cause condensation.

Wall Installation

The same pre-installation inspection must be made to insure a safe working environment.

  1. Install furring strips to the Z purlins with 1 1/4" self-drilling screws on 22" centres.

  2. Staple Arctic Shield insulation to the furring strips with 5/16" staples every 3" to 4".

  3. Overlap the edges of Arctic Shield insulation. Apply a 3" or 4" aluminium tape continuously over the edges, sealing and securing the edges together. This should ensure that the insulation is air- tight, eliminating air infiltration which otherwise may cause condensation.

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