Have You Heard The News!! MARCH 1 2019 Could be the end of the Government of Alberta's Energy Efficiency Program

Since April 2017 we have provided +/- $70,000 in Rebates through the Efficiency Alberta Program! We have travelled to many needed homes all over Alberta, to include Fort McMurray, Drumheller, Hanna, Crownsnest Pass, Lundbreck Falls, Pincher Creek, Edmonton, Airdrie, Calgary, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat just to name a few of the areas where we have helped homeowners become more energy efficient. We have even been to the Whitehorse Yukon helping homeowners with solutions to the bitter cold north. We are proud to be one of the approved contractors that can help Albertans put money back into your pockets and our Pride shows in our work. We are also an A+ with BBB and a member of www.getmy3quotes.ca . We are offering Cellulose insulation for attics, other traditional insulations for side walls, rim joists and basements. We take pride in the quality of our work as well as the products we use and we strive to achieve the maximum efficiency for your home or business. As part of this service, we at Arctic Shield focus on air circulation, areas of heat loss, proper barriers for moisture and condensation, which needs to be addressed to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Changes to the Efficiency Alberta Program have been made to stretch money further so to help more Albertans. Maximum rebates are still $3500 for insulation with a Maximum of 60% of your insulation invoice before the GST. Yes multiple areas are covered with the rebates. Just to be clear, you do NOT automatically get 60% back. The rebates are calculated based on total square footage of the area and the amount we will be IMPROVING. if you have 6 inches of insulation with the same square footage as your neighbour and your neighbour has 12 inches you would likely get 2x more back as a rebate. Based on the calculations that the government does this rebate doesn't necessarily equal to 60%. If your invoice is $2000 for insulation, 60% of this is $1200, your rebate may only be +/-$200 because your starting R value was somewhat high based on the governments guidelines. You could still have the improvement done and done right, your rebate is what it is. Every home has different numbers for rebates. Every home has different numbers for improvement costs as well. How many inches of insulation do you have ? What material is it? Cellulose? Blown Fibreglass? Wood chips? Vermiculite? Blown Wool? Fibreglass Batts? All of these materials have different R Values per inch. Whats your Square Footage? Now we need to fill the square footage by volume and every inch added is a different square footage price therefore without knowing any of this information, we can NOT quote you over the phone this isn't fair to you or us. We need to see and measure. If you are looking for a rebate we are obligated to take pictures with measuring tape for proof and fraud prevention, and therefore we require a quick visit to do all of this, Takes about 20 min. The rebate system is a very simple process, first we will come to your home and measure areas for insulation and take pre job pictures, after this process is finished we can sit down for a few minutes and find out what rebate you will receive. As mentioned, Insulation rebates are based on the area being insulated and the amount that will be added to meet the requirements. At this point you will now have a quote from us as well as an amount of the rebate to be received, this will give you an idea of your out of pocket cost after rebate. Once we have done the upgrade to your home and you have paid the full invoice, we submit the required information and pictures to finalize the rebate. When the job is complete we will then take the upgraded pictures to submit for the purpose of showing summer hill and alberta government that we have completed the job as promised. You will be invoiced by us for the full amount and receive your rebate in 6-8 weeks. We would love to help you with your efficiency upgrades! we are available for appointments Sunday through Saturday until 10pm as we do understand meeting during the day can be impossible for some. WE WILL ALSO MATCH ANY QUOTE AND IF YOU CHOOSE TO GO WITH US AND SHOW US THE LOWER QUOTE, WE WILL PAY THE GST FOR YOU!! MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET !! CALL US TODAY!! 587-577-6833

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Arctic Shield Insulation Ltd provides you with multiple insulation choices. We have an energy efficient solution to all those problem areas of the home. Arctic Shield® offers superior products and services at lower than retail rates. Arctic Shield®Insulation has multiple sizes of reflective radiant, vapour barriers and water tank jackets. We retail and install our barriers, we also install other traditional insulation methods, including fibreglass and Roxul. Wholesale pricing available for barriers only. We are here for you! We care about your comfort and we want the best for you! In both product and service. Arctic Shield® Radiant, Vapour barriers and water tank jackets are a reflective insulation system that offers a permanent way to reduce energy costs and give you a more energy efficient home or business. Also helping with your carbon footprint. These systems reflect radiant heat energy instead of absorbing it which means it's not just returning energy! It's also returning money to your pocket! So when you are ready to have the attic, walls and any other area of your home or business insulated, let us replace that old with some new insulation and then we will wrap it! Providing you with more return of your energy and money. Depending on the size of the area and the application, this could be a significant savings! let us replace your attic insulation and then we will wrap it ! If you have any questions or concerns about the type of product for your application, please call us. We are here for you! Our cart is under maintenance so that we can provide you with a problem free store. Please contact us at 587-577-6833 to fill your order

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We are fully insured with 2 million Liability, WCB Alberta, WCB Yukon and Work Safe BC. 

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