Radiant Barrier Benefits

Radiant Barrier Benefits

Arctic Shield Radiant Barriers and Arctic Shield
Foil Bubble Reflective Insulation provide many benefits:

  • Substantial reduction in fuel costs
  • Greater comfort
  • Reduction in the amount of investment dollars needed for ● heating and cooling equipment
  • Improved appearance

Arctic Shield Radiant Barriers Provide Superior Quality:

  • Double-sided reflective aluminised polyester film
  • Reinforced for maximum strength and durability
  • 95% Reflectivity
  • Puncture and tear resistant
  • 0.05 Emissivity

Arctic Shield Radiant Barriers Are Safe and Easy To Install:

  • No breathing apparatus required
  • Non-toxic/Non-carcinogenic
  • Clean and lightweight; easy to handle
  • Installation requires no special tools or clothing
  • Does not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria
  • Provides no nest support for rodent or insect pests 
  • Class A / Class 1 Fire Rating
  • Meets fire and smoke safety requirements of most 'federal, state, and local building codes
  • Requires no maintenance

Arctic Shield products are clean, lightweight and non-toxic; are unaffected by changes in humidity, do not shrink, and once installed require no maintenance. Arctic Shield installs easily in either existing or new construction, requiring no special tools or protective clothing. It can reduce heating and cooling costs and is appropriate for a wide range of applications.

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